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Pathways of A Witch

Patchouli Scented Ponderings

Patchouli Sky
10 October
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Bohemian, gothic witch following an eclectic and crooked Craft path. I became a pagan about 10 years ago, which led me to breaking the "shackles" of normalcy, and allowing myself to live the life I wanted to live.

My witchcraft path has seen many twists and turns. The goal is a balance of light and darkness. I've explored many avenues of witchcraft and the occult, and find that I continually straddle the line between the right and left hand paths.


ambiversion, an inconvenient truth, archetypes, aromatherapy, astral travel, bach, bare feet, baseball, bdsm, beaujolais, beaujolais nouveau, beer, beethoven, birkenstocks, bloody mary, bohemianism, books, brigid, cabernet sauvignon, candle magic, candlelight, carl jung, catcher in the rye, cats, cemeteries, chaos magick, chaos theory, chivas, claire voyant, classical music, craftsman style, cycling, dark decor, deities, depression, earth, earth based spirituality, enlightenment, essential oils, ethereal music, frank lloyd wright, gemstone magic, ghost hunters, glass art, going barefoot, goth, gothic decor, graveyards, halloween, herbs, hippie lifestyle, hippies, horned god, horror movies, incense, independent thought, infp, ireland, jojoba, kelly clarkson, kundalini, lilith, love spirals downwards, luciferianism, lunar phases, mash, mediaeval baebes, meditation, melancholia, moon goddesses, mozart, my december, mysticism, nature, no tan, oil lamps, otherworld, paganism, pale skin, paradigms, paranormal, patchouli, philosophy, photography, pinot grigio, poe, poetry, polytheism, prairie home companion, pro choice, quantum physics, rainy days, recycling, rituals, samhain, sea, sepia, set, sex, shadow self, silent spring, sky, snow, solitary witchcraft, spells, stephen hawking, storms, sunshine, supernatural, sylvia plath, the bell jar, the changelings, the new york room, thunderstorms, tiffany lamps, to kill a mockingbird, underworld, unto ashes, vampire lore, vampirism, vas, venus, vodka, wicca, wilco, winter paintings, witchcraft, wood floors, yule