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A Recycling Oddity
I take great care each week to recycle my waste products, and divide for the curbside recycling.  I use paper sacks from the grocery store to store the plastic and glass items.  Each week I set the container out for recycling.  The strange thing is that the person collecting the stuff always takes my paper sacks.  Now I can understand it if they rip them, or if it has rained, but it happens almost every week.  I take great care to rinse everything out and let it dry before placing things in the sacks, so that's not the problem.

It's a small thing, but it seems they would give me back the paper bags in order to let me RECYCLE them for use next week!

While I'm bitching, our city needs to create an easy way to recycle batteries and CFL bulbs.  They want us to use CFL's, but then give me no good options to dispose of them.  What's worse, using more energy with regular light bulbs, or people putting the mercury containing CFL's in the garbage, where they end up in the ground?  While I'm on my soapbox, there is precious few places to dispose of electronic items.  Our towns need to be as proactive as they expect their citizenry to be.


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