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The Double Edged Sword of Netflix
Good gods, do I have a love hate relationship with Netflix.  On one hand I love that I don't have to deal with the video store and the evil late fees.  On the other hand, the way that Netflix throttles my videos is maddening.  I sent them a movie back Friday.  They always get it the next day.  The post office people told me that someone from Netflix picks up the movies right THERE at least twice a day.  I dropped it there at 11 AM on Friday.  So in their devious way, Netflix "didn't receive" my movie till yesterday.  Wednesday!  That way they didn't have to send out my top choice of the new release, "27 Dresses", which my wife really wanted to see.  So yesterday, they send me an email telling me they "just received" my movie that I sent back Friday, AND 2 other movies that I sent back THIS TUESDAY!  That way, "27 Dresses" is now on long, long wait, and it will be forever before they send it to me.  They are sending me "No Reservations", which has been on my list since it came out in FEBRUARY!

Netflix is really best for watching older movies, obscure movies, or catching up on TV series.  You really still need the video store if you want popular new releases.  GRRRRRR.

How many companies can give the worst service to their best customers?  Netflix really considers their best customers the ones who get a movie, keep it a week or so, and barely use their service, all while paying on a monthly basis.

Rant over.


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