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Wasted days, wasted nights
I'm freakin disgusted with myself.  I spent the entire weekend holed up in the house watching DVD's.  We are watching a popular TV series, and are starting from the beginning.  It was fun watching it, but last night it just felt that we had thrown away 2 days of our lives.  Granted, the weather was not great, but it wasn't horrible.

We have this problem quite a bit actually.  We have a hard time thinking of things to do.  It seems whenever we do venture out on the weekends, we end up at some type of store spending a load of money.  In the past, I've made promises to myself that I would get out more.  In the summer I cycle a bit, so that gets me out by myself, but doesn't really solve the problem of finding something my wife and I can do together.

The thing is, I don't see much movement by my neighbors either.  I'm starting to wonder if we are just in the boat with everyone else.......

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I wind up with weekends like that quite often. One of my big savers though has been my piping as spring gets going so does my piping. I'll find that more weekends then not I'll have something scheduled. Meny times my wife will come along to and that makes it all the more fun.


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