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Patchouli Scented Ponderings

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Why Patchouliwitch?
When I became a Wiccan, it awakened many interests.  One of them was the use of essential oils.  I've become fairly skilled in their use for aromatherapy, ritual, alternative medicine, and cooking.  One of my discoveries was patchouli. 

I know, lots of people don't like the smell.  It is very earthy, which is exactly what appeals to me.  I've long had an interest and fascination with cemeteries.  The goth aspect of my personality fuels my interest in the more macabre aspects of life (and death).  The scent of patchouli reminds me of cemeteries.  Weird, I know, but true.

I wear patchouli as a personal scent.  Oh, I've learned my lesson.  A little goes a long way, so a few drops of the jojoba-patchouli mixture is plenty.  Patchouli is also very good for my skin.  On occasion I will use the mixture as a face oil.  It keeps my complexion even. 

So that's the reason for my moniker, which is a play on my actual Craft name.


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